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Wasserfallen Region Association

Our young organisation was founded in spring 2009 and, ever since, has counted various municipalities of both Frenken valleys, Basel-Land tourism, the Wasserfallen Foundation and the Reigoldswil cable car among its members. The tourist office for the Wasserfallen region in the Jura paradise is located on the site of the cable car in Reigoldswil and is open seven days a week. The tourist office is responsible for linking and publicising offers in the region. The association set itself the objectives of establishing tourism as a further source of income and making better use of the local infrastructure.

The association and office aim to stand on their own two feet in the medium term – independent from public funds. This is to be achieved through new and existing memberships.

Through your membership you will help us to achieve these goals.

Benefit from membership of the Wasserfallen Region Association in the Jura paradise 

Discover and enjoy together the treasures in one of the most beautiful regions in the Basel area; through your valuable support you will help to

  • retain and develop the unique scenery of the north Jura region as a natural and cultural landscape.
  • develop nature-related tourism in the region as a further source of income.

These are your benefits as a member of the Wasserfallen Region Association in the Jura paradise 

Tourism service providers and companies offering leisure opportunities:

  • Your offerings will be professionally recommended and communicated to interested guests.
  • Beneficial conditions for entries in leisure guides, on the homepage and for other PR instruments.
  • Voting right in the general meeting and thus ability to actively shape the tourist offerings in the region.

Private individuals:

  • The voting right in the general meeting enables you to make an active contribution to developing and adding value to tourism in the region.