William Tell in Wasserfallen

On the trail of William Tell you will find out who is your champion shot on the Wasserfallenhof, high above the Basel region and from the best vantage point. An entertaining competition for companies and clubs: without apples but with lots of fun!


You take the modern 6-seater panoramic cable car from Reigoldswil to Waserfallen. After completing the ascent you take a short walk (10 minutes) to the Wasserfallenhof, where the guides are waiting to greet you. First you learn how to handle the crossbow properly. Then your group is sub-divided into smaller groups of ten participants. Now you have to stay calm and keep a steady hand. Don’t worry: you don’t have to hit the apple; the champion shot is the person who scores the most points on the target. Each participant takes it in turn to shoot at the targets in the two shooting ranges. The points scored are recorded and at the end the rankings are announced. Our guides will supervise you the whole time. They are available to help and ensure that safety is ensured at all times. During the crossbow tournament you will also have enough time to look out over the Basel region towards the Black Forest and marvel at the wonderful natural surroundings. To round off the day enjoy a rapid descent on a scooter back down to Reigoldswil.
Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

These options can also be booked

  • Lunch on the farm: ½ chicken from the Güggel grill with roast potatoes
  • Lunch at the Heidi-Stübli restaurant (for groups of up to 40 people): ask about the suggested menus
  • Llama trekking: you will be accompanied by your exceptionally curious llama sidekicks during a 1½ hour trek through the Basel region of the Jura


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Participants must be over 15.
No prior knowledge is required.

Group sizes
The offer is suitable for groups of 10 people or more. In combination with the llama trekking, groups of up to 40 people are welcome.

Offers and reservations
Contact Gysin Silvia, tel. 061 941 18 20, or e-mail

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